Manchester City in the NBA Live Coins

Manchester City in the NBA Live Coins title group, and Manchester United not only do not see the four hope, and even get the next season, the European Cup qualification also hanging. Nevertheless, Manchester United coach Moyes before the game is still released to win the morals of the German Derby, reported the loss of revenge this season away 1-4. "We do not have a lot of people want to be so bad, I do not doubt that we can improve.


We want to prove that they are NBA Live 18 Coins still competitive.We want to perform better in the important game, I do not "We are going to win the game and show that we should have the strength," said Manchester United manager Moyes. "We will do everything we can to win every game, not just Derby. There will be any difference, it is clear for the fans


Derby war means anything, but we will try to win every game in the past few games, many players have more out of color performance, but I am a little We are a good lineup, there are a lot of good players, maybe our performance did not meet expectations, but I think they have that strength. "The game , Manchester United coach Moyes said he will make adjustments to the defense.


In the central defender position, Manchester United wounded a lot, Smalin and Evans because of physical discomfort difficult to play, over the weekend Vidic red card ban, Carrick was forced to serve as central defender. In this regard, Manchester United manager Moyes said, "Carrick in the central position of the great contribution, he had played in that position before, so this is not a problem.

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