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But I did not lose my mind." I was very uncomfortable, but I knew that since you had chosen it, it would have to accept it all, "he said. Not just to enjoy the joy it brings to you. "This night, in Manchester, like Jack so bored to exclude the hearts of depressed, and how much Jack! Champions League 1/4 final first round started, Manchester United town old Trafford stadium against Bayern Munich. World War II news, the British media "Daily Mail" broke the news, Bayern Munich eyeing the new C Luo reputation of the Manchester United supernova Jia Nuzi, the Bundesliga Bambia will be completed in the summer this deal. At the same time, the British media "fast sports" also have news about Janu Zay, the French giant celestial Paris Saint-Germain is also interested in the birth of the star in Belgium. 19-year-old Janusi winger, also served as attacking midfielder, was Moyes promoted to the first team, and gradually gain a firm foothold in Old Trafford. This season, Janu Zay played 23 times in the Premier League, scored 3 goals assists 4 times. Last October 5, Manchester United away 2-1 against Sunderland's Premier League, Janusu scored twice, completed in the first team at the ball. British media "insight offside" broke the news, Manchester United will usher in a big shake-up this summer, the club boss Glazer will allocate money to Moyesda 200 million pounds of funds for the Scottish players to buy favorite players. It is reported that Moyes once again aimed at Fabregas, intends to invest 41 million pounds to sign it. Last summer, Manchester United had played Fabregas's idea, Moyes has three times to submit a quote to Barcelona, ​​because 35 million pounds can not win the former Arsenal captain and give up. Detail page URL https://www.maddenvip.com/

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