In the view of Madden NFL 18 Coins

In the view of  Madden NFL 18 Coins Moyes, Van Persie is a minister, but he worried that the Madden NFL 18 Coins Dutch can not help Manchester United survive this difficult season, once the Dutch continue to work without work, Moyes may consider selling Manchester United last season's best Shooter. In fact, Robin van Persie recently in trouble, which in fact did not help Manchester United, but have a negative impact. It is worth mentioning that in the "Daily Mirror" a questionnaire survey, 62% of Manchester United fans that the team will sell the Dutch this summer, if Manchester United this summer cleaning Van Persie, then the team will certainly find A high level of substitutes, "Daily Mirror" revealed that Moyes is very heavy Paris striker Cavani, this summer, Manchester United will certainly seek the Uruguay striker to the Uruguay striker, but one thing is certain that the other side Will certainly ask for a huge transfer fee to the Red Devils, which will allow Manchester United to assess the feasibility of the transfer, of course, the good news is Cheap MUT 18 Coins that, due to refused to pay astronomical transfer fees to Paris, Chelsea have withdrawn from the Bayanni battle. Of course, the British media agreed that the Glazer family to provide £ 200 million transfer budget case, Moyes in the transfer market emboldened. From last summer and January this year, two transfer window can be seen, Manchester United in the signings of the considerable procrastination, so there is a player was investigated 13 times, that is maddenvip not surprising. March 1, the British media "Daily Mail" exclusive news broke the news,

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