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"We could have had more of NBA Live Mobile Coins a foothold in the game but they made it very difficult for us."We came here last season and we knew it was going to be hard."They had some good attacking moments, which we expected because they're a class team, but we go away with a good result to take to Stamford Bridge." The second-leg takes place in London is three week's time on March 11. And Cahill insists no one at the club believes it is yet job done for Jose Mourinho's side."We'll go in to that game with the away goal but mentally it's level pegging," he added. "It's one game and in football anything can happen."We have done the hard bit in the away leg and I'm sure there are more hard things to come but I would rather play the Cheap Madden Coins crucial second leg at Stamford Bridge." FLICK: Cahill provided the assist for Ivanovic's opener [GETTY] The England defender poked a cross from skipper John Terry into the area where it was met by an onrushing Ivanovic who powered the ball into the corner."It was a little bit instinctive. I knew Iva was there on the right-hand side of me because we went up together" Gary Cahill The Serb's header earned Chelsea a vital away goal, meaning they head into next month's second-leg in pole position to qualify for the quarter-finals.And despite earning plaudits for his assist, Cahill says the flick goalwards was more of a natural reaction than a skilfully executed cross."It was a little bit instinctive," he said. "I knew Iva was there on the right-hand side of me because we went up together.

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