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HOPEFUL: FA chairman Greg Dyke is interested in bidding for Euro 2028 [REUTERS] FIFA announced last week that the decision on the 2026 tournament will be made in 2017, when Sepp Blatter is still likely to be Madden Mobile Coins FIFA president.The FA has decided not to bid for FIFA tournaments while Blatter is still in power following England's failed bid for 2018, but they are eyeing a move for the European Championship in 2028.FA chairman Greg Dyke said: "The truth is, the chances of the 2026 World Cup being in Europe are virtually nil."Sepp Blatter has still got a good chance of being there when it is decided and we certainly won't bid if Blatter is there. NO BID: The FA won't move for the World Cup if Sepp Blatter is in power [GETTY] "Our policy is that we won't bid for almost any tournaments while the  Cheap NFL 18 Coins current leadership is there."We would much more interested in bidding for Euro 2028 because we like UEFA but it is a very long time away still."England will host the semi-finals and final of Euro 2020 at Wembley. The competition is being played in 13 countries across Europe.The United States are favourites to be named as hosts of the 2026 World Cup.Asia cannot bid as Qatar, an Asian federation country, is hosting the 2022 tournament and Europe has 2018 in Russia.According to Spanish sources, Barcelona view Koke as a natural successor to maddenvip Xavi Hernandez and are willing to trigger his £44m release clause.The Catalan giants are under a transfer embargo having been found guilty of breaching Fifa's rules on the transfer of players aged under 18.They are therefore not able to make any signings until January 2016, however it does not strictly prohibit officials from showing interest in a player.

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