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Manchester United team also have Rooney, chubby first assists Smalin break the NBA Live Mobile Coins score, and then personally blasted the world wave tied the score .2- 2 results to let Moyes see hope, and the last Ashley - Yang pass lead to Chester sent Oolong gift, but also to Manchester United in the past two times the two races in the past to maintain a victory record, Manchester United in the Premier League also finished the second round of the final two goals under the final reversal (Arsenal and Tottenham 6 times tied for the second.) Moyes coach Manchester United since the team for the first time won the race 5 straight. More importantly, Manchester United has become the first since 109 years A team that can win 10 consecutive victories in the Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins Boxing Day game, the Red Devils lost their last day at Boxing Day or lost to Middlesbrough in 2002. When Fletcher was replaced , KC stadium stands applause, and more people are excited to be recognized as in the field is not very eye, but a lack of immediately highlight the role is very important Carrick in the injured 45 days after the service comeback bench debut , Which makes up for the lack of Manchester United midfielder, but before the end of a calm behavior in Valencia led to the "unhappy" accumulated two yellow end, which is Manchester United in the history of the first 50 red card, but this has The milestone of the data is better or less the better . In addition Rafael this campaign is also in the game back injury, making Manchester United in the Christmas Express's devil race is still unable to play with the strongest lineup. But also to say (this season, Manchester United off the main weak), to be back home to the face of Tottenham Hotspur and Swansea, Manchester United can also continue such a good momentum, for want to re-end in the end of the season Red Devils forefront is critical!

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