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The ODST campaign has a very different feel than other Halo adventures as a result.For its Xbox One re-release, 343 updated the visuals of ODST. They say it now supports 1080p resolution and runs at 60 frames per second.Early buyers of Buy Cheap RuneScape Gold  Master Chief Collection will be able to download the Halo 3: ODST campaign for free. It's meant as an apology for the Runescape game's launch problems. If you bought the Runescape game more recently, you'll need to pay for ODST's campaign."Runescape players who logged in to their Xbox Live account and played Halo: The Master Chief Collection between Nov. 11, 2014 and Dec. 19, 2014 will receive a download code via their registered email that can be redeemed for the campaign of Halo 3: ODST through Halo: The Master Chief Collection," Microsoft said on Xbox Wire. "The Halo 3: ODST campaign will also be available as downloadable content for Halo: The Master Chief Collection through the Xbox Store for $4.99."

ODST launched with a co-op mode called Firefight, in which four Runescape players fought off waves of enemies. Firefight unfortunately isn't part of this Master Chief Collection update, though. 343 said in the accompanying FAQ that they wanted to focus on making sure the remastered campaign was up to snuff.The new Halo 2 Anniversary map is "Remnant." This battleground was inspired by the Halo 2 map "Relic." It takes place on a remote island on Delta Halo dominated by an enormous Forerunner tower. Smaller structures and vehicles dot Buy Cheap RS Gold the rest of the landscape. Snipers will have plenty of vantage points for gunning down enemies. 343 says it's well-suited to Slayer, Assault and 1-Flag modes.League Of Legends' New Champion Ekko And Hexakill Mode Are Now Available. Destiny Has More Than One Developer. How does Bungie manage to pump out so much content for Destiny across four game systems? Well, they actually have a little help... from High Moon Studios. It was finally revealed recently that Destiny, the multi-million dollar brand that Activision and Bungie kicked off last year is actually more of a group effort than many people may have originally thought. Over on the weekly update section of the Bungie website, it was made known in a short blurb at the bottom of the piece that High Moon Studios helped out with Destiny. Deej writes...

Bungie would like to give an official shout-out to the fine men and women at High Moon Studios. For a while now, we’ve kept our love secret, but it has become known that they’re working with us. Please join us in welcoming them to the party! That's very interesting but not surprising. A lot of Runescape games these days are so large in scope or contain so many different areas that require a lot of asset distribution that sometimes multiple studios will help out throughout the development of a game. Call of Duty Runescape games are now notorious for having two or three studios working on them at a time in order to meet the biennial release schedule (although, to give the devs a bit more breathing room the studios are now on a triennial schedule). In the case of Destiny, we knew previously that the Runescape game has a fairly hefty production budget over the course of its decade long span of content but now we find out that High Moon Studios – popular for their work on the Cybertron Transformers Runescape games, as well as Buy Cheap RuneScape GP  their work on Call of Duty and the Deadpool game – has been lending a silent hand to Bungie.The weekly news update on Bungie's website covers a heck of a lot of other content either in the Runescape game or coming to the Runescape game. They rolled out some details on the Trials of Osiris event, giving gamers an idea as to how the performance has been in the competitive Runescape player bouts. They showed the heat signatures of a map's pressure points and revealed where Runescape players where bringing the pain and where they were getting killed. It's interesting data, no doubt.They revealed that close to 4 million matches have been played and more than 118 million kills have been rolled out since the House of Wolves expansion went live for Destiny this past May.The team is also working on dealing with hackers and cheaters; it may be an online only game but there are still those who wish to make things difficult for others by bending the rules in some areas and flatout breaking them in others.

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